We provide the following services that help you recruit the staff you need so you can stay focused on other important business operations.

  • Interview Scheduling

  • Counter Offers

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Location & Employment Verification

  • Head Hunting & Referrals

  • Pre-screening Interviews

  • Skill Qualification

  • Reference Checking

  • Wage / Benefit Clarification

  • Resume Database

  • Social Media Networking

  • Background Checks

  • Confidential Searches

  • Attract Qualified Talent

  • Job Postings

We make it simple and easy to find the staff you need.

  • Technicians

  • Support Staff

  • Parts Personnel

  • Managers

What makes us different?

  • One simple price to control your recruiting costs

  • 6-month guarantee on all new recruits

  • We recruit coast to coast!

Other recruiting agencies charge from 10-20% of the annual salary. Our simple pricing strategy is a fraction of the cost and all new recruits are guaranteed for 6 months. We will find a new hire for NO additional cost if the hire leaves within the first 6 months.

For High-Level, Executive Analysis on your Dealership or Independent Operation visit our Besson Consulting website.